What is this comic?

Bugs is a comic strip for all ages, updated every other day since September 7th, 2021. It chronicles the life and times of the hapless young bugs Antonio, Spiderina, and Wormley. Most of the comics are individual jokes with very little continuity between them, but there are occasional brief storylines that are continued throughout multiple comics in a row. Bugs is inspired by classic newspaper comics like Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts.

Who are the characters?

AntonioAntonio Insecton is the main character of the comic. He is creative, adventurous, and has a wild imagination; however, he is also mildly egotistical and not always very bright. He frequently comes up with less-than-brilliant ideas, but makes up for his flaws with an admirable sense of determination. He has a cavalier attitude about most things, but also a dramatic flair about him, and as such, his characteristics are often exaggerated — for example, he is easily prone to outbursts of rage or excitement. Antonio is also an aspiring comic artist and writes the comic book series Flyhero, which is inspired by his favorite TV show, Superspider.

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SpiderinaSpiderina Arachnidda is the smartest of the three, but still not as smart as she thinks she is. She often grows tired of the ignorance of her two friends, and her dry sense of humor frequently leads to her making sarcastic comments at the expense of others. She approaches obstacles with a realistic perspective, and her speech is very blunt and straightforward — she makes no attempt to be tactful when pointing out her friends' terrible ideas. Her logical mind serves as the voice of reason to the crazy antics of the other two.

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WormleyWormley Diggins is the most eccentric of the three, and the most lacking in intelligence and competence. He is prone to making strange observations and remarks, as well as misunderstanding and misinterpreting things, but this is offset by the cheerful optimism he brings to the group. Sometimes he takes things too seriously, other times he's too laid-back about things. His simplemindedness makes him the most willing to contribute to Antonio's plans. Strangely, his bizarre mind can sometimes be a source of genius.

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The secondary characters:
LilyLily Insecton is Antonio's younger sister. She wears a green bow on her head, and loves princesses, fairies, and princess fairies, to Antonio's disgust. She is also a fan of Antonio's least favorite show Betty the Butterfly, which she often uses to annoy him. She shares many of Antonio's traits, such as being self-centered and dramatic, but with more of a youthful innocence, so their personalities often clash. In spite of this, however, they still manage to get along most of the time.

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NewtonNewton Aphidson is a youthful scientist prodigy who invents complex machines — often unconventional, sometimes useless, and usually explosive. Under his calm, professional demeanor is an eccentric, bizarre personality. He is extremely neat, polite, and inordinately loquatious with his articulation. He is obsessed with schoolwork and anything that can sharpen his hyperintelligent mind, and as such, he has never gotten a grade lower than A+ in his life. He's always the one to call when the main characters are having a problem.

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CockroachCockroach Sthompson is the bully at Antonio's school. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in strength, but as a result of his ignorance, he can easily be persuaded not to hurt you, and even tricked into being nice on occasion. His aggressive mood, selfish tendencies, and unwelcoming nature make him unpopular amongst his peers.

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MarcelMarcel de Beetle is a brilliant artist Antonio simultaneously looks up to and is envious of. Marcel has a strong passion for art and is able to draw with incredible ease, which he sometimes lets go to his head, though he tries to be humble more often than not. He moved to the bugs' neighborhood from France, and his lack of familiarity with the English language sometimes causes him to make misinterpretations or take certain phrases literally.

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Who is the author?

Jude Friesen is a Canadian cartoonist born in 2002. He has been drawing since the age of one, and created the characters of Bugs around 2008 for a series of animations, which he later adapted into a comic strip in spring 2012. From 2014 to 2019, he posted these comics on a blog, then created a more professional website in 2021, where he continues to post his comics today. He is also an aspiring video game developer.